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PhD Student Scholarships to Cambridge through the Gates Trust

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Applications are due 15 October, 2007 for entry in 2008 to Cambridge University for graduate studies funded through the Gates Trust .  Highly competitive students interested in studying at Cambridge are encouraged to apply.  Details for Cambridge graduate studies are in the prospective here .


Dear All members;

I am derived J_integral for dynamic crack propagation, and i have some things that i not yet understood:

1. Why is the integral path must start on one crack sureface and proceeds counter-clockwise to the oposite crack sureface.

2. Why is the value of J_integral independent the radius of integral path at each time increment.

3. What is the difference if we chose the far path and near (close to) path from the crack tip.  

Would you please explain for me, thank you very much,

Best Regards,


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