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Modal analysis

I am doing a Modal analysis on a structure made up of 3D-Beam4, Mass21 and Shear panel 28. To be more clear, the structure looks like a cube made up of Beam element on all 12 edges with Mass21 element at all corners of the cube and also with shells (shear panel 28) at all six faces of the cube.

Mixture Material Model in DEFORM 3D

Hi all,

I would like to model the transformation of austenite to bainite and martensite in the simulation software DEFORM 3D.

I am not so much confident with the core metallurgical concepts. I would like to know, if some one has experience in creating a material  model using mixture method in DEFORM 3D.

Would like to hear from you.

With Best Regards


stiffness matrix for torsional beam

I would like to know how to write a stiffness matrix for a bar under torsional load. I would like to write a code in C++ to do this. I would like to know of any material regarding this.

Thanks in advance

With Br


Writing User Routine in DEFORM 3D

Hi all,

I am new to DEFORM 3D and I am intended to simulate the effect of coolant pressure on the chip formation in metal cutting.

I dont know how to incorporate the mechanical effect of coolant pressure on chip formation in machining.

Are there any standard options in DEFORM 3D, which I can use to simulate the same?.

If not, will writing a user subroutine in DEFORM help me to simulate the same?. If the user subroutine, is the only way to do so, I would like to get some material on writing user subroutine in DEFORM 3D?.

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