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Final presentation slides

Here are the slides for my final presentation for ES 241.  During the presentation, a few suggestions were made, which I plan to follow up on.  Please check back here or subscribe for updates.


This is a great problem.   Getting the boundary conditions right is going to be a real challenge.  They should be able to be implmented as slip on the free boundary, possibly as a weak form contribution. Instead of posting an article, I have attached a document about this sort of problem in 2D from a model implemented in Comsol Multiphysics.  This document provides some basic analysis of the problem, and may be of some use here.

ES 240 Project: Volvox Inversion Mechanics

The biology of the inversion process in Volvox carteri is examined, and a coupled mechanical and kinetic model is proposed.  See attached proposal for details. The presentation given is also attached here, as well as the final paper.  Also, a movie of the simulation that made all of the work wroth while, the inversion of a half-sphere, is attached here as well.  Note: The file inversion2bw.doc is a movie, just download it and change the extension to .avi.  This has to be done since iMechanica doesn't allow attachment of .avi files directly.

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