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Mechanics of Soft Materials: Lecture Notes

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I finished the grad course on Mechanics of Soft Materials. It took 14 weeks with 2 academic hours per week and it covered the following topics: 1 Tensors 2 Kinematics 3 Balance laws 4 Isotropic elasticity 5 Anisotropic elasticity 6 Viscoelasticity 7 Chemo-mechanical coupling 8 Electro-mechanical coupling.

I attach the class notes and I will be grateful for the remarks, corrections, and criticism from iMechanicians.

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I skimmed over the notes and now I want to spend more time looking at them.  The notes look very good.  I think you have provided some really good examples.  Thank you for sharing this with the imechanica community.



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Congratulations for this new course and many thanks for sharing your notes with us!



D. Rittel

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Thank you guys for your kind remarks Laughing

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Hi Kosta,

Nice set of notes. I intend to pick some of the examples in hyperelasticity that you've discussed in your notes for my continuum mechanics students. Do you ask your students to write/ use any code(s) during the course?


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Shailendra, good to hear from you. No, I do not ask them to write a code. I am already happy
when they know to manipulate tensors.

I will also teach grad Continuum Mechanics next semester. It will be a similar
course with emphasis on plasticity, however.



Hello Kosta and all,

I've a reasonable good knowledge of linear FE and have also been coding geometric non linear problems-Load control,Displacement control and Generalised displacement control.I've coded in MathCAD and have results!

Can you guide me on how to study continuum mechanics WITHOUT A TEACHER!

What will be the benefits of studying continuum mechanics?

What are the pre-requisites prior to a course on Contnuum mechanics?

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I updated the PDF correcting numerous typos

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