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ICNM 2007

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The International Conferences on Nonlinear Mechanics (ICNM-x) have been regarded as important series conferences in mechanics circles. The previous four meetings in the series were successfully held in Shanghai and Beijing in 1985, 1993, 1998 and 2002, respectively. In recent years, new achievements in this field have been made. Therefore, it is appropriate to organize a new conference on this vitally important area of applied mathematics and mechanics. The Fifth International Conference on Nonlinear Mechanics (ICNM-V) will be held in Shanghai. The Conference aims to provide an international forum for presenting the latest results and stimulating wider academic exchange for experts in the related fields all over the world.


Hi there,

I attended The 5th InternationalConference on Nonlinear Mechanics, ICNM-V in Shanghai 2007. I've lostmy book of proceedings and would need to get it back to justify my CVin a government test that I am trying  to pass in my University. Wouldyou be so kind to let me know how can I get a pdf version or otherelectronic version of these proceeedings?
Thank you so much.
Best regards

Here are my details:

G.H.M. van der Heijden, J. Valverde, Buckling conducting wires andinstabilities of electrodynamic space tethers, in: Proc. 5thInternational Conference on Nonlinear Mechanics (ICNM-V), 11-14 June 2007,Shanghai, China, Chien Wei-zang (editor-in-chief), Dai Shi-qiang,Zhou Zhe-wei, Cheng Chang-jun (associate editors) (Shanghai UniversityPress, Shanghai, 2007), pp. 679-685, ISBN 978-7-81118-164-7.
-- Juan S. Valverde GarcíaDept. Física de la Materia CondensadaFacultad de Ciencias Campus Universitario Río San Pedro s/n. 11510 Puerto Real, Cádizemail:

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