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Need user material Fortran code for viscoelastic

Where I can find the subroutine of a user material Fortran code for Viscoelastic constitutive model?

Does anyone has the subroutine for LS-DYNA ?

Can anyone help me?


Frank Richter's picture

You can find one in my PhD thesis

Richter, Frank
Upsetting and Viscoelasticity of Vitreous SiO2: Experiments, Interpretation and Simulation

available at

Good luck !



ebarbero's picture

Also, there is a trivial simple example in the Viscoelasticity chapter of


Hi, Richter,

So kind you are, and I really appreciate you very much.

But currently I use the program LS-DYNA, not ABAQUS.

Does anyone has the subroutine for LS-DYNA ?


kamal paknejad's picture

Hi every one. Im working on multi yield surfaces j2 plasitisity and if its possible i want add cappability to predict time dependant hehaivior of geomaterials. to start i must wright an umat code for multi yield surfaces j2 model. please help me how can i find it or give me any information about it. thanks for every one.

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