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Open source Matlab toolkit now includes 3-D beam elements

The FAESOR toolkit now incorporates a linear and geometrically nonlinear formulation of three-dimensional beams. Some updates and fixes have also been posted.


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How to obtain this tool kit so that I can compare it with GEBT, a general-purpose composite beam analysis tool which can deal with linear/nonlinear static/dynamic analysis including eigen value analysis. GEBT can deal with composite beams with couplings between all the beam fundamental deformation modes (tension, bending in two directions, shear in two directions, and torsion)

Just follow the link below.

However, the implement of beam is for isotropic, too-way symmetric cross-sections only. There is no numerical integration to deal with other types of material.

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Thanks for your reply. Then, it might not be very interesting for comparison as it seems a lit limited comparing to GEBT. I just wroted something about GEBT, it actually deals with arbitrary sections made of arbitraries material, and oriented arbitrarly in 3D space, and it can be either prismatic or initially curved and twisted. The beams can also subject to prescribed time varing boundary conditions like rotating wind turbine blades or helicopter rotorblades or flapping wings. You and anybody who are interested in beam tools are welcome to visit to request the code.

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