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pictures and data of crack propagation experiment or example


I am looking for some data/pictures of crack propagation tests. More precisely, what I am looking for are test results of some 2D structure (or structures that can be modeled in 2D) where the experimenter has listed the geometry, material, loads and boundary conditions, and displayed photos of the crack that was observed propagating on loading the structure. Sort of like "heres a plate of dimensions a x b, made of material x, with an initial crack here, I now apply a load of magnitude M, and heres a picture of the crack that has propagated."

If load vs crack propagation distance is also available that would be fantastic.

The reason I am looking for this is I am modeling crack propagation and need to compare the results with real world examples to verify the models. The focus of the study is on the path of crack propagation so that is what I need examples of. Im modeling brittle materials, tho I'd be able to consider ones with some plasticity. However a material like cement would be too different from my models so I don't think I could use those results.

I was wondering if any of you know of papers, books or other documents with such examples. Its not hard to find a picture of a crack, but Im not sure where I can find detailed experimental information showing initial geometry, material name, applied load vector and a picture of the resulting crack path. Maybe Im using the wrong keywords, but when I search for this in the databases or in google I get a lot of useless results with the word crack in them. 

If you know of even a single paper or book with one or more example of actual crack testing information and/or photos please let me know and I'll try to get my hands on it. Heck, if you've done some testing in your own lab and have reported the loading and the resultant crack path Id be thrilled to take a look at that.

Thank you



see this link, that upload some data about crack modeling with XEFM methods.

got it.


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