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Recommend me some UMAT references for cardiac mechanical modelling

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Hi, everyone!

Now I am starting the research on cardiac mechanical modelling. The user defined function "UMAT" was used to implement  the anisotropic hyperelastic Fung-type model . Now I come across some difficulties to write UMAT subroutine. Can someone recommend me some useful codes that can let me know how to write it.

Thank you very much for your kind assistance. You can also e-mail directly:


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The following material might be helpful 

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Thanks, Lihua

yes, I have read this tutorial before, but How did

deduce the Cauchy stress and the material Jacobian

matrix. In this tutorial, I don't understand these

mathematical deduction well. So, it's not easy for me to

understand the UMAT subroutine. Especially the

tensor expression is very complex, how does

implement them into UMAT subroutine.

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You are right that UMAT requires you to take tensor derivatives. However, if you take a derivative with respective to the components of a tensor, things wil become much easier. You can try to do that following the examples in the UMAT tutorial.

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