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UEL subroutine for a Heat Transfer Element


I am writing a UEL subroutine in which I try to reproduce the Standard element for a heat transfer problem. The element that I am trying to implement is a four nodes tetrahedron, which would be the DC3D4 element in element library of Abaqus.

The UEL subroutine works, but when I compare the results with the same problem but using the DC3D4 element, it is not the same. I have checked the UEL subroutine a hundreds of times (formulation, shape functions, etc.) but I do not find the problem. 

Could anyone suggest what I could do? How can I detect the error? 

If you want, I can give you the scripts I am using, in case you also want to try.

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Appendix 2
A2.4.1 Temperature variations within four-node tetrahedra
A2.4.2 Tetrahedral element thermal stiffness equation


This pdf is an excerpt from:
Title:    Metal Machining: Theory and Applications
Author: T. Childs et al.
Butterworth-Heinemann, 2000
ISBN    034069159X, 9780340691595



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Type in Google:
"Abstract Solution of heat transfer problems is considered. Finite element equations"

This will take you to a chapter of
Programming Finite Elements in Java™
Author: Nikishkov, Gennadiy P.

which is available for preview
The filename is 9781848829718-c1.pdf



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