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Abaqus step definition

Hello everyone.. Consider a cantilever for sequential load steps in abaqus.
Fist step I want to apply imposed displacement of 2mm at free end.
2nd step I want impose +/-6mm Z displacement at free end (total 3
cycles. (One cycle= +6 and -6 mm in z direction)

Can somebody let me know how to do this. how to define two steps ?

Thank you in advance



do you plan to define implicit or explicit formulation for the two steps?

I want to define implicit

You should define an explicit step, first use the velocity BC to bend the cantilever beam, in the second step, simply release this BC if you want to analyse this fluctuation behaviour.


If you want to anayze repeated loadin/unloading condition, repeated, then define a second step with new velocity BC with an approproate cyclic amplitude consistent to +-6mm displacements. Of course surpress the BC from the  by first step. You have to assign proper elastic and plastic properties to the material that include Baushinger effect.



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