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Nonlinear structural analysis on ABAQUS

Dear iMechanica users,

I am working on a metallic foam model, and due to its nature of geometry and physical properties, I considered geometrical and physical nonlinearities. What is the significance of NLGEOM = ON and NLGEOM = OFF besides, it includes or excludes the geomterical nonlinearity in ABAQUS? I want to know the basic change that has been incorporated when I switch the NLGEOM between ON and OFF. Also, a theoretical explanation on how this change is caried out. 

NLGEOM turns on the large-displacement formulation. If this is not used, then all displacements, strains, etc are evaluated with respect to the reference state. This doesn't work if there are large displacements, nonlinear material models, etc. I'd expect "large-displacement theory" might yield something useful on Google, if you want the theory behind it. Also any FEA text that covers nonlinearity.

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