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How is iMechanica managed?

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iMechanica runs on Drupal, an open-source content manage system, and is hosted on a server at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (HSEAS).

iMechanica has received no external funding. The provisional guiding principle is that of peer production, as articulated by Yochai Benkler in his book The Wealth of Networks, the full text of which is free on line.

iMechanica has a rather flat user structure. Everyone can read everything. To post in iMechanica, however, one has to register for a free account.

The overall design of iMechanica is the responsibility of two architects: Zhigang Suo and Teng Li. A growing team of mechanicians serve as moderators, whose main responsibilities are to watch for spam and promote posts to the front page. See the rules for moderation. All architects and moderators are volunteers.

Technical advice and support are provided by Jayanta Sircar and Lesley Lam, of Information Technology at HSEAS.

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Faculty of the University has voted to change the name of Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences to School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.  iMechanica is hosted on a server at the Division/School.

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what's the difference between Division and School?

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I just finished reading Yochai Benkler's book:
The Wealth of Networks, How Social Production Transforms Markets and Freedom.

It is so true that we have not only two basic free transactional forms—property-based markets and hierarchically organized firms. We have three, and the third is social sharing and exchange. iMechanica belongs to this category, we share and exchange knowledge.

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