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J-W-L Parameters for High Explosives

Hi !!! all

I really struglling to get the JWL and Lee Traver EOS parameters for RDX .

If anybody can help seriously I will be highly obliged. Atlest the EOS parameters of Comp-A5 or PBX 9604 having higher percentage of RDX (98.5 % and 96% respectively)  will  be sufficient.

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Non-dimensional parametrs for EOS (JWL) for RDX

I don't have the exact numbers for RDX at hand.  However, C4 contains 91% RDX and should have detonation characteristics similar to that of RDX.  Please see the paper that I've attached to your post for more details.

For a related discussion please see

-- Biswajit

"Bomb units" are often used in the simulation of high-rate processes such as explosions.  I've added a PDF containing the conversion factors from bomb units (BU) to SI to the original post.

-- Biswajit 

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I model ana analysis the TNT wit JWL parameters in abaqus.But the resoults are diffrent with conwep outputs. why?

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