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ES 246 Project: Large Deformation Plasticity of Amorphous Solids, with Application and Implementation into Abaqus

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node/add/imageI propose to investigate an elastic-viscoplastic constitutive model proposed by Anand and Gurtin [1] for the large deformation of amorphous solids.  Specifically, I will present the constitutive framework proposed for elastic-plastic amorphous materials, I will implement the constitutive equations into Abaqus/Explicit, and I will compare numerical results with experimental results for polycarbonate [2]. 


[1] Anand, L., Gurtin, M.E., 2003. A theory of amorphous solids undergoing large deformations, with application to polymeric glasses. International Journal of Solids and Structures 40, 1465-1487.


[2] Boyce, M. C., Arruda, E. M., 1990. An experimental and analytical investigation of the large strain compressive and tensile response of glassy polymers. Polymer Engineering and Science 30 (20), 1288-1298.

Abaqus help Acknowledgements:

Anastassia Paskaleva

Petch Jearanaisilawong


I am a student in mechanical, I work on polymer materials, I order to implement the model Aruda - Boyce, I have a problem to do so. Is what you can m'aidé?
Thank you


i am lokesh,pursuing M.TECH from IIT MADRAS.i want to do project in fracture mechanics.from last 2 month i am searching for a problem.i have only 5 month to complete project.can you suggest me some project about fracture mechanics.

 ialso want to know about 2d and 3d crack propagation it good problem?can we use only matlab for crack propagation simulation?i want to know other possibilities for performing crack simulation?please help me and suggest good projects,which can be completed in 5 months.



lokesh choudhary 

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I have written a VUMAT code for Isotropic -Viscoplasticity material using the finite strain theory and matirx "F" and Anand theory,

the code works properly for compression and tension test, however , under shear loading it work just properly if I use only one single element to model the specimen.

when I increase the numebr of elements under simple shear loading the model starts to oscillate until similation aborted.

it seems that elements can not tranfer shear loading among each other, I am usnig C3D8R element, and also I coneverted my Couchy stress to Green naghdi stress

anybody has idea how to solve this problem.



can u share your anand model's codes with me? I have studyed anand model for  a long time, but I cann't understand the corresponding theory. So if you can share the vumat or umat codes with me, I would appreciate it very much. my papers are as follows. if you have any ideas, I can also answer u. anyway, thanks you very much! 

[1] Haitao Wang, Huamin Zhou, Zhigao Huang, Yun Zhang, Xiaoxuan Zhao, Constitutive modeling of polycarbonate over a wide range of strain rates and temperatures, Mechanics of Time-Dependent Materials, (2016) 1-21.

[2] Haitao Wang, Huamin Zhou, Zhigao Huang, Yi Zhang, Haiyu Qiao, Zhipeng Yu, Experimental investigation and modeling of the mechanical behavior ofPC/ABS during monotonic and cyclic loading, Polymer Testing, 50 (2016) 216-223.

[3] Haitao Wang, Yun Zhang, Zhigao Huang, Huang Gao, Yi Zhang, Xiping Gao, Huamin Zhou, Experimental and modeling study of the compressive behavior of PC/ABS at low, moderate and high strain rates, Polymer Testing, 56 (2016) 115-123.

[4] Haitao Wang, Yun Zhang, Huamin Zhou, Zhigao Huang, Constitutive modelling of polycarbonate at low, moderate and high strain rates, 2nd International Conference on Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, Hong Kong, 2016.

[5] Haitao Wang, Yun Zhang, Zhigao Huang, Zhongbin Tang, Yanpei Wang, Huamin Zhou, Establishment and comparison of four constitutive models of PC/ABS from low to high strain rates, Mechanics of Time-Dependent Materials, Under review.

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