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Fluid structure interaction with Abaqus

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I'm looking for tutorials or example problems on carrying out Fluid Structure Interaction simulations using Abaqus.  

I have a large amount of experience with Abaqus Standard however Abaqus CFD is very new to me.  Would anyone have the training course notes on either "introduction to "ABAQUS/CFD" or "FSI Simulation with Abaqus"? If so, I'd really appreciate a copy.





Hi Ted,

 Have you looked into the coupled Eulerian Lagrangian formulation in Explicit instead of using Abaqus CFD? That might be the best way to go. Abaqus documentation is pretty good, and the bottle drop example there is also very clearto understand.



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Hi Roza,

Can you send me some examples in "Eulerian Lagrangian formulation" please?

my email is

best wishes,



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