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Damage models implementation in ABAQUS

Hi all

I am M.Sc. sutdent in Istanbul Technical University and my research subject is comparision of several ductile damage models both computationaly and experimentally.

I am trying to compare ductile damage models such as Freudenthal,Cockroft,Ayada ,Brozzo etc. computationally using ABAQUS and seeking a way to implement these damage models in ABAQUS.

To obtain each models damage result individually should damage model be implemented in ABAQUS or  can a regular tensile test results be used for calculation of damage values.

Could you please advise me for methodolgy to run a simulation to obtain ductile damage values accordng to models mentioned above.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hakkı ISIK.


This is not for metals, but an example that might help you understand the Abaqus implementation issues is 

Marcelo Canga, Eric B. Becker, Şebnem Özüpek, Constitutive
Modeling of Viscoelastic Materials with Damage - Computational Aspects",
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, Vol.190,

These authors took a state variable approach.


You can find the simple and efficient methodology for elasto-plastic model implementation in papers:

M. Halilovic, M. Vrh, B. Stok, “NICE - An explicit numerical scheme for efficient integration of nonlinear constitutive equations”, Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, 80/2, 294-313, 2009


M. Vrh, M. Halilovic, B. Stok, “Improved explicit integration in plasticity”, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, 81, 910-938, 2010

where GTN plasticity damage model is implemented as an example. The procedure is explicit, simple (similar as forward-Euler scheme), fast and accurate. Folowing the scheme presented it is easy to implement also other plasticity damage models.

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