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Carbon Nanohorn Reinforced Nanocomposites...

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I have formulated a shear-lag model for calculating the variation of stress along carbon nanohorns (CNHs), which are conical shaped wrapped carbon sheets, embedded in an epoxy matrix under axial loading.  I found that the stress distribution along the length of CNHs depends on the cone angle of these structures and maximum normal axial stress has a smaller value in CNHs compared to a carbon nanotube (CNT) with same cross-section as of the CNH's tip.  Furthermore, I read an article stating that synthesis of CNHs are easier compared to CNTs.  However, the only article I could find which has studied the CNH-reinforced nanocomposites is
 Fraczek-Szczypta, A., & Blazewicz, S. (2011). Manufacturing and physico-mechanical characterization of carbon nanohorns/polyacrylonitrile nanocomposites. Journal of Materials Science, 46(17), 5680-5689.

I would be pleased if you let me know whether there is any other article on CNH-reinforced nanocomposites, and why CNH has not been studied as much as CNTs while it has superior properties over CNTs?


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