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Stress intensity factor vs stress concentration factor

Hello everyone,

Can someone please explain the difference of these two?






Dear Setareh

Stress concentration factors are due to geometrial changes of cross sections and regardless of the load condition such as bending,stretching,shearing,....

Therefore, you can find these factors mentioned in tables or figures in handbooks .No matter of what kind of load condition, you can choose the one corresponding to your geometry during your design.

However , when there is a crack in your model, the stress intensity factor comes into design which not only is dependent to geometry also extremely to load condition and that's why you can't find these factors easily in handbooks. They are determined experimentally according to each part geometry and load condition.

I hope that could help you,if you have more questions I can introduce you some texts. 

Dear all.


Please could you explain what is the diference between stress intensity and stress intensity factor.


Thank you so much






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