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Modelling of fiber failure in Abaqus

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Fiber Modelling of fiber failure in Abaqus ABAQUS, Fiber failure, failure criteria , Fiber Composite  , composite I am presently working on modelling of fiber failure inof a composite lamina on ABAQUS. After researching a lot, Even after researching a lot, I haven't been able to find a damage criteria which  can depict natural failure in of a fiber. I do not want to induce a crack in it and break it or put in a cohesive layer. I want to break it as it breaks naturally. 

Can you help me with this? Also, there are a I am using ABAQUS to model it, so it would be great if you could tell me with respect to how can I do imodel it on ABAQUS.

I am new in this forum.I am trying to model Fibre reinfored Polymer
fracture in ABAQUS . But, In website I could not find any example for
that.I have done fracture model for isotropic material such as
Alluminium using Contour Integral.But, for this FRP I am being unable to
model   it.What should be my consideration (different from isotropic)
using this contour integral.I want a tensile matrix cracking or
matrix-fibre interface cracking or fibre cracking. Please help me in
this regard.





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3123 Abaqus/Explicit VUMAT for the simulation of damage and failure in unidirectional fiber composite materials

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