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International Journal of Applied Mechanics (IJAM) Vol. 4 No. 3

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Forthcoming papers of International Journal of Applied Mechanics (IJAM) Vol.4 No.3:
1. “On The Large Strain Torsion Of HCP Polycrystals”,  P.D. Wu, H. Wang (Mcmaster University, Canada), K.W. Neale (University Of Sherbrooke, Canada).
2. “Buckling Of Nano-Rings/Arches Based On Nonlocal Elasticity”, Chien Ming Wang(National University Of Singapore, Singapore), Yang Xiang (University Of Western Sydney, Australia), Jie Yang (Rmit University, Australia) And Sritawat Kitipornchai (City University Of Hong Kong).
3. “Free Vibration And Buckling Analyses Of Timoshenko Beams With Couple Stress And Poisson's Effects”, J. V. AraUjo Dos Santos  (Universidade Tecnica De Lisboa, Portugal) J. N. Reddy (Texas A&M University, USA).
4. “Viscoelastic Potential Flow Analysis Of Electrohydrodynamic Capillary Instability”, D. K. Tiwari , Mukesh Kumar Awasthi And G. S. Agrawal (Indian Institute Of Technology Roorkee, India).
5. “Environment Analysis Of Dynamic And Acoustic Radiation Characters For A Flat Plate Under Thermal”, Qian Geng And Yueming Li (Xi’an Jiaotong University, China).
6. “Effect Of Aggregate Size And Gradation On Failure Features Of Liquid Rubber Based Concrete Under Static Tension”, Ai Shigang, Tang Liqun , (South China University Of Technology, China), Fang Daining (Peking University, China).
7. “Effect Of Fractional Parameter On Plane Waves In A Rotating Elastic Medium Under Fractional Order Generalized Thermoelasticity”, Nantu Sarkar, Abhijit Lahiri (Jdavpur University, India), 
8.  “Dependency Of Effective Modulus Of Polycrystalline Aggregates On Macro-Geometric Dconfiguration”, Hui Fan And Xiaomei Xie (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore).
9. “Estimation Of Dynamic System's Excitation Forces By The Independent Component Analysis”, Ali Akrout, Dhouha Tounsi, Mohamed Taktak, Mohamed Slim Abbès, Mohamed Haddar ( National School Of  Engineers Of Sfax, Tunisia).
10.  “Optimal Design Of Sandwich Beams With Lightweight Cores In Three-Point Bending”, Li-Ming Chen, Ming-Ji Chen, Yong-Mao Pei, Yi-Hui Zhang, Dai-Ning Fang (Tsinghua University; Peking University, China).
11. “Aerothermoelastic Model Of Panel Flutter With Consideration Of The History Effects Of Aerodynamic Heating”, Kailun Li Jiazhong Zhang And Guanhua Mei (Xi’an Jiaotong University, China).
12. “Analytic Study On Dynamic Stability Of Clamped-Clamped And Simply Supported Pipes Conveying Fluids”, Pin Lu (Institute Of Materials Research And Engineering, Singapore) Hongyu Sheng (Hefei University Of Technology, China).
13. “Earthquake-Induced Toppling Failure Mechanism And Its Evaluation Method Of Slope In Discontinous Rockmass”, Ailan Che, Xiurun Ge (Shanghai Jiaotong University, China).

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