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Super stretchy carbon nanotubes

Huang et al., PRL 98, 185501 (2007)

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We report exceptional ductile behavior in individual double-walled and triple-walled carbon nanotubes at temperatures above 2000 C, with tensile elongation of 190% and diameter reduction of 90%, during in situ tensile-loading experiments conducted inside a high-resolution transmission electron microscope. Concurrent atomic-scale microstructure observations reveal that the superelongation is attributed to a high temperature creep deformation mechanism mediated by atom or vacancy diffusion, dislocation climb, and kink motion at high temperatures. The superelongation in double-walled and triple-walled carbon nanotubes, the creep deformation mechanism, and dislocation climb in carbon nanotubes are reported here for the first time.



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Xiaodong Li's picture

Excellent! I really like this paper. Could you please post your paper to the J-Club May 2007 issue? I believe that your paper will attract huge attention and help stimulate discussion for the J-Club May 2007 issue.

Prof.Li, I already posted my paper in the J-Club.

Aman Haque's picture

Fabulous work done!!

I appreciate it!!!

Great but it would be wonderful if we could model it using Mollecular Dynamics Simulation, and we could find out more details on its cause.

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