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Fracture in Composite/Aluminium Joints of Variable Adhesive Properties

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Hello everyone,


One of the papers from the 'past' (but still quite actual...I think) and maybe of some interest to various communities. 



A system in which one adherend had two types of surface treatment was tested using a wedge test.

Simple polishing and polishing with subsequent sandblasting were the

treatments used, with a distinct straight line, perpendicular to the sample edges,

separating the two. Despite the clear-cut difference in surface treatment, smooth

transitions in crack growth speed were noted. This can be explained by the

existence of a curved crack front, encroaching gradually on one surface-treated

zone, whilst remaining partially on the other. Crack length, a, vs. time, t, curves

were exploited to obtain fracture energy vs. crack speed. The multi-valued nature

of the relation can also be explained by a non-rectilinear fracture front. The

method is proposed for reproducible comparison of surface treatments. 






Official link:

PDF icon J Adhesion 2009 Budzik et al.pdf925.81 KB
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