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ES 241 Advanced Elasticity Final Examination

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Update on 23 May 2009:  I'm adding links to the slides as they are uploaded.

The final exam will take the form of a pedagogical workshop. We have 8 students taking the class for credit. I have divided the lecture notes into 8 parts as follows.

  1. Isolated systems, Temperature, Free energy.  Slides by Zhiyan Wei
  2. Heat Conduction, Boltzmann distribution.  Slides by Meredith Silberstein
  3. Pressure, Chemical Potential.  Slides by Tony Rockwell 
  4. Finite Deformation:  special cases.  Slides by Ben Jordan
  5. Finite Deformation:  general cases.  Slides by Kejie Zhao
  6. Poroelasticity, or diffusion in elastic solids.  Slides by Shengqiang Cai
  7. Electric potential, Deformation and polarization.  Slides by Matt Pharr
  8. Polyelectrolye gels.  Slides by Yuhang Hu


  • On 5 May 2009, in class, we will run a lottery to assign each part to a student.
  • On 21 May 2009, Thursday, 8:00am - 5:00pm, the whole class will run the workshop. Room to be determined.  At the workshop, each student will give one-hour powerpoint presentation. Everyone can ask questions. The presenter of the part should try to answer all questions, but other participants can help. Please bring your own notes, as well as my notes.  I'll also invite other people who attended the class to sit in. They can also ask questions.  The students will be graded by all participants, on the basis of both the quality of presentations, along with the questions they raise and the answers they give.  Pizza will be ordered.
  • Before 23 May 2009, Saturday, place the final set of your slides on iMechanica as a new post.  Use the following free tags:  ES 241, Advanced Elasticity, Spring 2009, Slides.  

Tips for preparing your powerpoint slides

  • Because you will be interrupted by questions, you can only talk, say, less than 40 minutes.  Do not have too many slides.
  • Summarize all essential ideas within your part of the subject.
  • Include at least one example of concrete calculation.  You can select an example from my notes, or invent your own.  Make sure that this example illuminates your part of the subject.
  • Include 1 or 2 slides to relate this course (not limited your part of the subject) to your research.
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