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final exam

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ES 241 Advanced Elasticity Final Examination

Update on 23 May 2009:  I'm adding links to the slides as they are uploaded.

The final exam will take the form of a pedagogical workshop. We have 8 students taking the class for credit. I have divided the lecture notes into 8 parts as follows.

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Final Exam: ES 240 Solid Mechanics

Notes for students who are preparing for the final.

  1. Time: 9:15 am, Thursday, 18 January 2006. Place: Sever Hall 206. No notes or books. Calculators are allowed.
  2. There will be 3 hours and 5 problems.
  3. Exam problems will mostly draw upon homework and parts of the lecture notes covered in class. The exam intends to test your understanding of the material covered in the course, not your creativity.
  4. For the last two topics covered in class, finite deformation and strings and elastica, there was no homework, but some exercises are scattered in the notes. They may appear in the final.
  5. For equations, you will need to memorize the most basic ones, such as equilibrium equations, Hooke's law, and strain-displacement relations. But for anything that you cannot remember, you should be able to derive.

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