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Effective plastic parameters for a laminated plate

Hello everyone, I need to deduce the effective plastic parameters (yield criterion + hardening curve) for a laminated plate (of type [0/20/-20/-20/20/0] for example)

We suppose that each layer admits the same elasto-plastic behavior (transverse isotropic + Hill's yield criterion which is implemented in Abaqus + isotropic hardening) in its local basis. The effective stress-strain (in the global X-Y basis, SSAVG11 - SE11 in Abaqus language) curve can be ploted by Abaqus simulation. But I want to obtain the associated effective parameters (like the effective hardening curve) which can be entered directly in Abaqus.

Using the classical laminate theory, I have easily derive the effective elastic modulus and Poisson coefficient (in plane: effective E1, E2 and nu12). So the problem comes from the plastic part.

Thanks in advance for your help! 

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