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Analysis of single lap bolted joint

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 May somebody help me out sorting out a single value from four different values generated from field output to plot reaction graphs suiting bearing failure mode of bolted joints. 

What i have done is as follow in metals i have extracted field output results in excel and chosed one of the value at attrendum as the values in maximum case was same differing at few variable and nodes in metals that is why my graphs are altering the graphs it should be. but i know case would be quite difficult in composites Please suggest me what to do and how to do. even if i use vlookup may i know how to use it in extracting single value from generated data. Eg

Node Id          CNAREA   CNF1   CNF2  CnF3 

6                     3            34       39      50

6                     3            40       67      45

6                     3            40       67      45

6                     3            34       39      50

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