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Single fiber pull out modelling

I want to model a fiber rod pull out process in Abaqus. The fiber is a composite rod which is to be debonded first from the surrounding laminate and need to be sliding along the interface of the rod/laminate.


i created an axisymmetric model of the rod being surrounded by the laminate. i got the residual stress due to curing process. This residual stress is compressive at the interface which is responsible for resisting the pull out force applied at first.


Axial pull is applied at one end of the rod. and the other end being fixed.


1. how to include this residual stress which i got during curing before applying the axial load?

( like *initial conditions, type= stress)

2.  How can i make the rod slide along the interface once the axial load equalizes the max. shear force force value at the interface

3. What type of cotact or interaction option needs to be used in ABAQUS.

i need some suggestions. It would be really uselful if anyone provide me some tips.






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The residual stress in the rod should be compressive in nature.  You could apply the loading in steps: In the first step, you could apply compressive load using a linear load distribution symmetric about the center of the rod.  So, this is a kind of pre-stress which is present throughout the analysis.

In the second step you could apply the pulling force.

You could use spring elements available under Special->Springs/Dashpots (when you are in the Interaction Module) to connect the rod to the "ground" (fixed point).  

As for giving a sliding criterion, which is a failure criterion for the spring, I am not sure, but I would look into the options under Springs/Dashpots.

I recently uninstalled the student version of Abaqus on my PC and I am having a tough time getting permission to download the latest version.  Will let you know more once I get it installed.

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Please refer to the following papers which provide a simplified analysis of your case.


1. Misra, A. and C. H. Chen (2004). "Analytical solution for micropile design under tension and compression." Geotechnical and geological engineering 22(2): 199-225.


2. Misra, A., C. H. Chen, et al. (2004). "Simplified analysis method for micropile pullout behavior." Journal of geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering 130(10): 1024-1033.




Thanks a lot for replying.

I simulated the pull out behaviour as u mentioned and the pull out force - displacement plot matches with the litreture but the maximum pull out force is very less. i haven't included the spring elements and i don't know how to attach it to the rod (whether at a single nodal point of the rod ). I am trying to do the pull out mechanism as it is given in this paper.

Francesco Bianchi, Xiang Zhang (2011) "A cohesive zone model for predicting delamination suppression in z-pinned laminates"Composites Science and Technology 71 (2011) 1898–1907. 

V. Bheemreddy, K. Chandrashekhara, L. Dharani, and G. Hilmas,
"Modeling of fiber pull-out in continuous fiber reinforced ceramic
composites using finite element method and artificial neural networks,"
Computational Materials Science, Vol. 79, pp.663-676, 2013.

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