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Sliding In Abaqus

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Hello everybody.

 I am trying to use abaqus software to model the sliding of a metallic pile inside a metallic sleeve. I have tried doing this with the translator connector, but I always get the message that 2 regions in the model are not connected. Can anybody help me with some hints as to how to use the connector, or if there are any other ways to model the sliding? 

Single fiber pull out modelling

I want to model a fiber rod pull out process in Abaqus. The fiber is a composite rod which is to be debonded first from the surrounding laminate and need to be sliding along the interface of the rod/laminate.


i created an axisymmetric model of the rod being surrounded by the laminate. i got the residual stress due to curing process. This residual stress is compressive at the interface which is responsible for resisting the pull out force applied at first.


Axial pull is applied at one end of the rod. and the other end being fixed.

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Abaqus Pin-on-disc Simulation problem

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Mechanics-based nanotribology

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