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Abaqus Pin-on-disc Simulation problem

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   Hi, My lab recently has taken an interest in using FEA to model the Pin-On-Disc wear tests. In particular we are interested in observing the stress behaviors of Ultra High Polyethylene. I have taken to learning Abaqus/CAE over the past coupple weeks, and I think I have a pretty good grasp of it. However, I need some serious help.

   I have been able to model a stationary contact simulation very well, with the pin coming in to contact with the disk. I now want to take this model and expand it to make the pin go in a circular path on the surface of the disc. However I have yet to be able to model the pin going in a streight line accurately.  I am rather clueless as to where to go from here. I am using Abaqus/CAE 6.9.

   In addition, soon I will be wanting to model the creep behavior of Ultra High PE. Where can I find some information about modeling creep in abaqus?

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