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Overhead Electrical Conductors

Mechanics of overhead electrical conductors under wind excitation is a complex problem . It is described in detail in  the following book:

EPRI Transmission Line Reference Book: Wind-Induced Conductor Motion. Second Edition. EPRI. Palo Alto, CA. 2009. 1018554.

EPRI : Electric Power Research Institute.

Book dwells at length on the response of such conductors under wind excitation. Either small amplitude vibrations, so-called Aeolian vibrations, or large amplitude transverse motion, called «galloping». An important consequence of Aeolian vibrations is conductor fatigue, a phenomenon occurring mostly at or near suspension clamps. This subject is covered in chapter 3 of the book, by L. Cloutier, S. Goudreau and myself, A. Cardou. Interaction between conductor and suspension clamp is a problem in contact mechanics, and the corresponding fatigue is  a fretting fatigue case with its inherent complexity.

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