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Mini-symposium "Computational mechanics of soft matter" on APCOM 2013

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Soft materials, such as polymers, foams, gels, granular materials, liquids, and colloids, as well as biological tissues, are known for their low stiffness against mechanical or multi-physics loads.  Many of these materials are active: they respond to environmental stimuli in the form of large deformation.  Engineering applications increasingly demand accurate way of characterizing and predicting of the multiphysics behaviors of these materials.  With the focus on computational methodologies, this mini symposium aims at bringing together researchers working on mechanics of soft materials to exchange recent advances and to inspire new ideas.

Researchers are invited to present their recent work on but not limited to the following topics:

  • Theoretical models for soft matter.
  • Recent discoveries on soft materials and soft structures.
  • Computational methods for the large deformation and the multi-field coupling of soft matter.
  • Modeling and simulation of soft biological materials and tissues.
  • Theory and modeling of electro- and magneto-active soft mater.
  • New applications of soft matters.

The minisymposium will be held as a part of the 5TH ASIA PACIFIC CONGRESS ON COMPUTATIONAL MECHANICS & 4TH INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON COMPUTATIONAL MECHANICS (APCOM 2013), and will be held on December 11-14, 2013 in Singapore.
Please submit your abstract to the minisymposium by April 30, 2013.

All submissions should be sent to:
The abstract (and/or paper) submission should include:
1) "Abstract_template" (in Word documents), and
2) "Abstract_submission_form" (in Excel document).
Download template and submission form here:
Abstract_template; (To be submitted by 30 April 2013)
Abstract_submission_form; (To be submitted by 30 April 2013
together with the Abstract)

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