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Abaqus user subroutines - migrating to version 6.12


I have a user subroutine (UEL) written in Fortran that was running correctly when I used Abaqus V6.5 (in XP) and Compaq Visual Fortran to compile.  I was running as abq654 job=s00 user=abafer.for inter. 

Now, I want to migrate to WIN7 and use Abaqus 6.12 with the same user subroutine. I read the manual on 6.12 and the interface for user subroutines has not changed. So no issue there. Indeed, when I run the user subroutine as abq6121 job=s00 user=abafer.for inter, the program runs successfully. 

HOWEVER, the ouptut is a bunch of NaNs. I believe that some of the inputs are not being read in correctly and so some of the subroutines called by the UEL are not being executed. It could be I am not declaring my inputs correctly for use with Intel Fortran. 

Basically, the UEL calls the main subroutine Abafer. Abafer in turn has a number of subroutines it calls. One of these subroutines reads in user input variables using a namelist. The variables in this namelist are declared in an include file, This include file has a number of common blocks. There are include '' commands in all subroutines called by abafer.for 

I tried to replace the implicit real*8 (a-h, o-z) lines that were originally right under the subroutine UEL and subroutine abafer with include ''. This did not solve the problem. I am not sure if I need to have both include '' and include '' in the subroutines called by abafer.for.  I am not sure if the issue with the declarations in the file. Any ideas as to what I can check? 


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