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how to link abaqus with matlab ?

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You should access the abaqus results (*.fil) file via MATLAB.
In order to take your results into a fil file you should specify *FILE FORMAT, ASCII along with *EL FILE and/or *NODE FILE, etc. options in your abaqus input file (assuming that you run Abaqus/Standard).

After creating the results fil file, go to section 5.1.2 of the Abaqus Analysis User's Manual to find details about how to read the fil file. You can use this information to read this file using MATLAB.
I have developed a MATLAB function which reads such files (it reads only information about stresses and displacements, but it can be generalized to include any other quantity).

Another way, much easier but of very little accuracy would be to access the *.dat file, which contains the results of the analysis, via MATLAB. I would not recommend it to you since the precision of the results into the dat file is very low.

In the way described above, I managed to solve the 10-bar truss and the 25-bar truss optimization problems by linking Abaqus and MATLAB (Abaqus was used as the solver in the constraint function of MATLAB and MATLAB was used as the optimizer).

for more informati on contact us at:


This is really a programming stuff. Recently I used MATLAB but I did not know that how to link it witht he ABAQUS.  Whatever you described about it is really wonderful. Thanks

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I'm trying to link MATLAB and Abaqus, could you please help me in this ? How can I do this ?


Hi there,

Could you help me with exporting Abaqus history output to .fil extension. I am really stuck.


Thank you in advance,


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 I am doing a project on Finite element model updating where I am using a gradient based optimisation algorithm. In that case I need to run the Finite element formulation of the model a number of time through iteration process.  It is a time consuming and costly process. My model parameter like E ,G,poisson's ratio etc will change through iteration.I want to do my Finite element modelling in abaqus and I want to run that model in abaqus for the changed value of those parameters for each iteration from within Matlab programming. I am from civil engineering background any detailed description about this will be highly appreciated (including coding)


Abaqus2Matlab is a program for the extraction of Abaqus analysis results to Matlab. It is written in MATLAB programming language and is available as source code distributed under a BSD-style license (see License.txt inside the package). This toolbox aims to provide a linking between Abaqus and Matlab, which will enable the two different softwares to cooperate, enabling thus Abaqus users to effectively postprocess Abaqus results.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: After downloading the package, the files have to be extracted. After this, open the file named "Documentation.m" in Matlab and run it (press F5). Then, type "web('Documentation.html')" in the Matlab command window (then enter) to view the documentation of Abaqus2Matlab.

The toolbox is available for download at ResearchGate: , and File Exchange of Matlab Central: .



Hi dear papazafeiropoulos,

The toolbox was wonderful but is there any way to get some additional results like " total energy dissipated in an element by plastic deformation"? after reading the documentation I could not find it in "element result type" of toolbox documentation.

Thabk you in advance

Hi George, that's wonderful information. I want link MATLAB and Abaqus, I could not download it, could you please share some link ?

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Just use modeFrontier!!

The Abaqus2Matlab toolbox has now an official website:

One can find there the latest version, as well as various useful tutorials and examples on how to use it.


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