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Postdoctoral Positions in Computational Mechanics and Multiphysics at the US Naval Research Laboratory

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The Multifunctional Materials Branch of the Materials Science & Technology Division at the US Naval Research Laboratory in Washington DC has an interest in postdoctoral associate candidates for several areas in computational mechanics and multiphysics.

Topic of interest include: a) biomechanics of injury at high-rate of deformation at multiple scales, b) multiscale dynamics of flexible armor, c) crystal plasticity and dislocation dynamics in electrically assisted deformation of metals, and d) multiphysics modeling of corrosion.

Strong educational and research background in computational mechanics and/or multiphysics is essential. For example, in mathematics: differential equations and functional analysis; in mechanics: continuum mechanics, plasticity, failure theories, and finite deformation and nonlocal frameoworks; in materials science: dislocation theory, defects in materials, or electrochemistry; in computational mechanics: constitutive modeling, algorithmic development, nonlinear finite element method and pertinent software (preferably Abaqus); and in multiphysics modeling: multifield interactions, functional couplings and pertinent software (preferably Comsol). Ability to work closely with engineers/scientists conducting related physical experiments is desired but not necessary.

The preferred candidate will also have a demonstrated record of technical excellence via peer reviewed publications and effective oral communication skills.

US Citizenship or US Permanent Residence status is required for postdoctoral positions at NRL.

A brief introductory statement with reference to the topic of interest and CV should be emailed to:

Dr. Siddiq Qidwai

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