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Matlab Code for Material modelling

Hi all,

 I want to write a matlab based code that will be able to describe material behaviour under uniaxial loading. So what I am interested in is the plasticity of a material. I want the code to be able to represent material behaviour after yielding and also cyclic loading.

After my literature review I was able to come to the conclusion that Armstrong and frederick and also Chaboche Model could be used to describe the material behaviour. What I wanted to know was if anyone has done something like this and could comment on the level of difficulty involved in this process. I have a timescale of 2 months and wanted to know if it is possible. Let me know any guidance you can provide will be much appreciated.

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I have done exactly what you are describing for 1D plasticity with isotropic hardening.  I have considered cases for monotonic loading and cyclic loading.  You may see the free paper (including algorithms) describing what I have done at the following link:

 I am not familiar with the models you have mentioned.  The work I have done comes largely from the book by Simo and Hughes, "Computational Inelasticity".  It takes some effort to learn the material.  My paper describes a lot of it in detail.



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