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Atoms, Defects and Microstructure: Atomistic and Mesoscale Simulation of Mechanical Properties

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Meeting of the working group Microstructural Mechanics of the DGM

23.6. 2014, 10.00am at the  Department of Materials Science, Dr. -Mack-Straße 77, Fürth, Germany

This meeting aims at bringing together senior scientists, early stage researchers and PhD students as well as experts from industry to discuss the latest scientific developments related to atomistic and mesoscale models of plastic deformation and failure of materials. The focus of the current meeting will be on approaches to obtain information on microstructural properties (e.g. defect properties) and microstructure processes (e.g. microstructure mobilities) from atomistic simulations and on ways to include such information in mesoscale models. Models considered are e.g. classical atomistic simulations, DFT, dislocation dynamics simulations, phase field models or cohesive zone models. Related contributions from other relevant modeling techniques to simulate the evolution of complex microstructures are also welcome.

Interested speakers are requested to send their abstracts before May 30th, which is also the deadline for registration. Please note that participation without a talk is also welcome.

For registration, abstract submission and questions please mail to:

For more information see


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We extended the deadline for registration and abstract submission to june 9th.

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Invited speakers include Ron Miller, coauthor of "Modeling Materials" and Christian Motz.

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