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Lallit Anand will receive the 2014 Drucker Medal

Lallit Anand will receive the 2014 Drucker Medal.  There will be a symposium in his honor at the International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition, 14-20 November, Montreal, Canada.  See you there.


Zhigang Suo's picture

Dear Lallit:  Congratulations!  Your papers on nonlinear materials have been an inspiration.  The rigor and the depth of your work have been a constant reminder of mechanics well done.  The textbook on continuum mechanics you co-authored has been a exceptionally reliable source of knowledge.

as's picture

Sincere congratulations, Lallit! 

I do remember my visit at MIT as a great scientific opportunity, for which I am very grateful with you. Your suggestions have been always inspirational for a great amount of students as well as young researchers.

Xuanhe Zhao's picture

Here is a press release on the award from MIT.  My heartiest congratulations, Lallit!

Congratulations to Lallit! I am so glad to take your plasticity class and then have you in my thesis committee 9 years ago. Btw, I am still using your notation.

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