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Abaqus is not reporting any CEEQ in coupled temp-displacement step

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Hi all,

I am modeling a simple coupled temp-displecment analysis with the following step information:



*Material, name=Material-1



*Creep, law=HYPERB

44000., 0.005,   4.2, 45000., 8.314


60000., 0.34

*Expansion, zero=25.



20.,  0.

60., 0.1




*Physical Constants, absolute zero=-273., universal gas=8.314

** STEP: Step-1


*Step, name=Step-1, nlgeom=YES, inc=1000

*Coupled Temperature-displacement, creep=explicit, steady state

0.05, 9., 9e-05, 2.


After using hyperbolic sine law as the creep law for the material, it does not report any CEEQ or CE for that step. Option of including creep/viso/swelling is checked. The material has Elastic, plastic, creep and thermal expansion as its properties. Please let me know where is my mistake. It is reporting PEEQ properly. Looks like the plastic strain is included in the analysis but not the creep. Please let me know what to do.


Thank you so much!!


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