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Suggestion on writing a paper

I am planning to write a paper for ANSYS conference in India.I was working on Static Structural Analysis for the past 1 year.I have experienced various glitches while solving the problem according to the terms and conditions provided, typical convergence behaviour and played with both linear and non linear contacts.

I had planned to write a paper on one of the typical project which I had done so far, but my client didn't accept to proceed for that.I request any one of you to suggest me what is the best and unique topic to be presented on ANSYS Workbench Static Structural Analysis.

I would be much obliged if any one of you help me out in working on this task.




Can I get a clarity why no one is commenting on my post?

Hello Mr. Shyam your paper sounds so interesting.


I am student of Msc. Mechanical  and I am working  with Ansys static structural ( Stress Intensity and  Fatigue )

Do you know APDL module of ANSYS? and KI KCALC command?


Please I would like to get your answer and about your paper please give more details if it is possible.


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