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How to define initial stiffness matrix for cohesive elements in ABAQUS

I am trying to  model adhesive failure using cohesive elements in Abaqus. I need to define the elastic behaviour of elements using traction separation criteria.

So I wanted to know what is the E/Enn, G1/Ess and G2/Ett values for my adhesive(E=1650 MPa)?

Till now what I could understand is that this is the element stiffness which relates my traction with displacements. But I also read that the stiffness should be defined as high as possible so that it doesn't effect the overall stiffness of the structure. I am a bit confused with this and some help would really be appreciated.


Hi, I was wondering if you found any more information on this issue?

I have the same problem. I am trying to represent the adhesive layer with a layer of cohesive elements and I'm not sure how the parameters you've mentioned above hysically relate to the material.


when you are using cohesive elements with traction-seperation law (not continum approach), pay attention that the stiffness parameters no longer have physical meaning. I mean you cannot use exactly young moduli of adhesive material , but a rule of thumb is to divide it by the cohesive element thickness. anyway, stiffness here is a penalty stiffness i.e you can choose it freely as long as your model converge and more precisely your results correlate with experimetnal results if you have.

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