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Creating a path in python for Abaqus

Dear all,

I want to write a python script for ABAQUS in which I can define a path for post-processing purposes. Getting the nodes which lie on the path is easy because they all lie on one edge, so with


I get the list of nodes.


Now the problem:

This command sorts the nodes sequence based on their Ids(labels) in an ascending order, this way the path does not start and end at correct nodes. Does any body know how to do this in python?How to get the nodes on an edge in the original way they appear in the mesh not with a different order based on their Ids?


Thanks a lot.




One way is to first create a node set containing your path. Then iterate within this node set, looking for nodes based on coordinate information (x,y or z) from beginning to end of desired path points, and appropriately appending the found nodes in to a list.

Of course this only works if your desired path geometry is linear or programmable.



Dear nskatim,


Thank you for the hint. In this special case, the path is a straight edge, so I can use what you just suggested. Thank u very much!

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