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Looking for Research/Postdoc Opportunity.

Dear Fellow Members,


I am currently pursuing my PhD research under the supervision of Prof. Ralf Müller at the Institute for Applied Mechanics, TU Kaiserslautern, Germany. I have submitted my dissertation on October 2014. And expecting to defend my PhD work on March, 2015.


At this moment I am looking for a research/postdoc position in the fields of computational mechanics, multi-scale modeling and simulation of composites, multi-scale modeling and simulation of coupled (electro-mechanical, thermo-mechanical, or magneto-mechanical) problem, or any other relevant field.


During the PhD research, an in-depth investigation is carried out of FE^2-based multi-scale simulation of piezoelectric materials. To capture the effect of the micro inhomogeneities on macro level, one needs to perform homogenization of piezoelectric material. The focus of this work is to study the effects of micro inhomogeneities of piezoelectric materials on macroscopic configurational forces. Special efforts has been given on the configurational forces at certain defect situations. The configurational force at a sharp crack tip can be considered as one of these defect situations. This material is electro-mechanically coupled. A new set of boundary conditions are developed for the micro boundary value problems (BVP) of this coupled problem. By using these new boundary conditions, consistent numerical results of the configurational forces have been generated as part of PhD thesis. The detailed numerical analysis has been implemented in Matlab. The developed numerical technique has been applied to homogenize the piezoelectric material using non-evolving micro-structures. Afterwards, this method is modified and upgraded for the homogenization of piezoelectric electric material by using evolving micro-structures.


Before pursuing my PhD research, I completed my master study in “computational sciences in engineering” at TU Braunschweig, Germany. During my PhD and master studies, I acquired extensive knowledge of numerical methods for PDEs and other scientific computing methods. Additionally, I have a long term experiences in numerical programming using C/C++, Fortran, Matlab.


I will be appreciating any kind of suggestion or help to obtain a research or postdoc position. Interested people can mail me to this ID:




Md Khalaquzzaman


Note: I am uploading my CV as separate file which  is mostly describing my credentials and main idea of my PhD thesis.

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