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Simpleware present Animations Contest Winners

Dr David Ackland of the University of Melbourne with a 3D print of a blue-ringed octopusAnimation of Blue-Ringed Octopus created using Simpleware software


We are pleased to show the results of our 2015 Animations Contest, which offered our users the chance to demonstrate their innovative work by having their 3D image data converted into a high-quality animation by our experienced engineers.

First prize went to Dr David Ackland of the University of Melbourne for his image data of a blue-ringed octopus, one of the world’s most venomous marine animals. The micro CT image data displays an outstanding level of detail, including the venomous gland, ink sac and brain.

Dr Ackland also received an animation of the octopus, with animations also produced for Aaron Drake of Colorado State University for his submission of a bighorn sheep and skull, and for Ricardo Alvarez Merel of the Ohio State University for his entry of an aluminium matrix composite with embedded ceramic fibres.

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