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Are shear-moment diagrams wrong in ANSYS Workbench 16.1 ?

I think I found an ERROR in ANSYS Workbench 16.1 and I hope someone can either CONFIRM or show me what I did wrong. 

This is very important because I am teaching this material, but I do not have support from ANSYS, so I am asking for your help. 

beam_static_structural.jpg : shows a cantilever beam 8 in long under line load -50 lb/in, E=29 msi, cross section 0.75 in wide by 1.5 in tall.

beam_triads.jpg: element triads clearly show cross section coordinates are aligned with global x-y-z coords

beam_deformation.jpg: clearly shows deformation (downward) is on the x-y plane, so shear must be called VY and moment must be MZ, right?

beam-VY-MZ-UY.jpg: deformation UY is correct but VY, MZ shown as zero? why? Should be VY=-400 and MZ from 0.0 at the free end to 1600 at x=0 

beam-VZ-MY-UZ.jpg: UZ correct (zero), but VZ, MY contain results for VY, MZ. ==> Misslabeled and misplaced?

 Am I wright or am I wrong? 


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