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Boundary Element Method For Fracture Mechanic.

Dear Freinds,

I need help to develop a boundary element code for FRACTURE Mechanics applications (for Isotropic & Laminated structures).

Currently I have developed a 3D boundary element code to solve a Laplace Equation. I want to know how best/easy way I can convert/modify this code to handle Fracture mechanics problems. From my knowledge I can understand I have to change the Fundamental solution ,But I dont know what fundamental solution is to be used and what changes are to be made for my existing BEM code for 3D Laplace Equation.

Please do need ful, I am in trouble.Cry


Thanks & Regards



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Hi  Isaac,

Actually the choice of the fundamental solutions will depend on the problem you are going to solve.  1. time harmonic problem 2. time dependent problem. 3. static problem. Also you have to change a lot in your coding because now you will be dealing with a different kernel as well as a different matrix. And for fracture mechanics you also have to decide on whether you will be using traction BIEs or displacement BIEs and also decide on the effect of having same opposite sides of the crack phase in the same location or are you dealing with traction free cracks or not. And many other methods, ie. Dual boundary element and others.

PM me if you have more specific questions but i have no experience in doing laminated structures.



You can try looking at Johan Helsing 's work.  Most of his work has been on 2-D problems (see here ) but you can check out his paper on square cracks:

"Evaluation of stress intensity factors for a square crack in 3D" Engn Fracture Mech. 2001;68(5), 605-612.
[with Anders Jonsson and Gunnar Peters]



Thank you for the information,actually the choice of the fundamental solution will depend on the problem you are going to solve like time harmonic problem,time dependent problem and time static problem and also you have to change your coding as larry-craig said.

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