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Plane_Stress, Plane_Strain and 3D - Simple doubt..

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Hello everybody,

 UPDATE :   Question can be deemed as closed.. :)

                       I have a very simple doubt in 3D model simplification. I believe plane stress and plane strain conditions are the two extreme states to simplify a 3D model to 2D case.

  • I took a simple example of a square plate. I fixed the bottom edge and applied a force (say 1000 N) on the top edge. Analysing it as simple 2D cases of plane stress and plane strain, I have some results for von Mises stress in the plate.
  • Now extending the same to 3D, I applied same force (1000 N) on the top face and fixed the bottom face. I expected a result between the two extremes of negligible thickness (P.stress) and very high thickness (P.strain), but my result of 3D was an order of magnitude less.

What I think is, I should scale the applied force (in 2D) proportional to the area (Area*(Force/unit area)) in which it is being applied, to get result between the two extremes. Is that the right way?

Please correct me if I am wrong.


Thanks for your time.






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