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plane stress

plane stress incompressible neo-Hookean hyperelasticity


I was wondering how is it possible to implement incompressible neohookean material in abaqus? 

With the incompressibility assumption c(3,3)=1/(- c(1,2)^2 + c11*c22), with c being the Cauchy-Green strain tensor. It also implies that S33=0 and it is possible to find the pressure directly. In addition, h=sqrt(c(3,3))*h0 with h and h0 being current and initial thickness, respectively. 

my question is that how is it possible to implement the last condition in umat? 






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Plane_Stress, Plane_Strain and 3D - Simple doubt..

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Hello everybody,

 UPDATE :   Question can be deemed as closed.. :)

                       I have a very simple doubt in 3D model simplification. I believe plane stress and plane strain conditions are the two extreme states to simplify a 3D model to 2D case.

Mohr-Coulomb Shell in Abaqus. Help!

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I am new to Abaqus and I am trying to use it to model some industrial shells. According to some preliminar studies, the material has a mohr-coulomb plastic behaviour. Thus, I wanted to use shell elements, with a mohr-coulomb plastic material, but it seems that it is not possible in Abaqus.

According to the theoretical manual and the user manual (18.3.3-6):

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J-Integral Elliptical Hole (Plane Stress) Perfectly Plastic Material

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The fracture mechanics community may be interested in a new evaluation of a J-Integral for a fundamental geometry:  an elliptical hole in a perfectly plastic material under the Tresca yield condition for plane stress loading conditions. The analysis is exact and involves only elementary functions.  This makes the problem suitable as a classroom example or as a homework problem for a graduate level course in fracture mechanics.  See J. Elasticity (2008) 92:217-226.

Plane stress with thickness

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