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perfectly plastic material

Stresses go beyond yield limit in perfecly-plastic model...

Hi all,

I have a problem with perfect-plasticity material model in Abaqus. I this simple 2D analysis, I am modeling a beam fixed at both ends and applying temperature loading on it that will cause yielding. The material model is perfectly plastic with,


4.85 E8, 0.0

The problem is, stresses go beyond yield limit (4.85 E8) which should not be the case for the perfectly-plastic material model. I would appreciate any comment/help/suggestion.




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J-Integral Elliptical Hole (Plane Stress) Perfectly Plastic Material

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The fracture mechanics community may be interested in a new evaluation of a J-Integral for a fundamental geometry:  an elliptical hole in a perfectly plastic material under the Tresca yield condition for plane stress loading conditions. The analysis is exact and involves only elementary functions.  This makes the problem suitable as a classroom example or as a homework problem for a graduate level course in fracture mechanics.  See J. Elasticity (2008) 92:217-226.

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