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plane stress incompressible neo-Hookean hyperelasticity


I was wondering how is it possible to implement incompressible neohookean material in abaqus? 

With the incompressibility assumption c(3,3)=1/(- c(1,2)^2 + c11*c22), with c being the Cauchy-Green strain tensor. It also implies that S33=0 and it is possible to find the pressure directly. In addition, h=sqrt(c(3,3))*h0 with h and h0 being current and initial thickness, respectively. 

my question is that how is it possible to implement the last condition in umat? 






Required - Verification test for Incompressible hyperelastic models

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I am working with a finite element code implemented in C++ in my research group. Recentl I implemneted an incompressible finite strain element.

 Currently I am making use of verification tests to check whether my element runs accurately for various hyperelastic strain-energy models. I have succesfully completed a verification test using the Mooney-rivlin strain-energy density function. However, I have been unable to find verification/benchmark tests which I may use to test other strain-energy density functions.

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